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Rake in practice

When looking at games offered in casinos, poker is unique in that players are not trying to beat the house, just their fellow players.
This leaves casinos with a problem (both brick and mortar and online poker sites).
Providing personnel, facilities and software to host the poker games cost money, but they are not paid for doing so.
This is where rake comes in. The rake is the commission that a casino takes on every hand played.
This is the most common means of generating revenue from its card room.

Rake is an often over-looked factor by poker players. The few dollars or cents that poker sites take from each pot can add up quickly. Thus, rake needs to be taken into account when choosing what games, stakes and sites to play at.

The exact Pokerstars rake structure can be found here, but what does this rake structure mean in practice?
How much rake do you pay?

Pace of play

In live poker, you would be lucky to see more than 30 hands per hour, this is a seriously slow pace.
In online poker you would easily get twice the rate.
If you are playing multiple tables in an online poker session, you could end up playing hundreds of hands in an hour.
So there’s a huge difference between live and online poker.
How many hands of online poker can you play on average per hour?
Online poker isn’t all equal as our following analysis will show.
And i am not talking about things like Zoom, FastForward, SpeedPoker, but the speed of play across the stakes.

Naturally, there should always be time for a player to make a decision in tough spots and in big pots. But taking ages in small pots and insignificant places is just nonsense.
There is probably no better way of getting rid of the casual players than making the game so slow it becomes boring to play.

Avg. Stack Size

Stack size plays a very important role in the game of no limit Texas Hold’em.
At any point during the game there is the possibility that all of your chips can be put on the line.
Hence the size of your stack has a significant impact on how you play a hand.
But it is important that your are not only aware of your own stack size, but the size of your opponents’ stacks also.

This article takes a closer look at the average stack size in poker at different stakes with regards to the number of players at the table.
We choose to compare NL10, NL100 and NL1000 without any particular reason, and analyzed more than 9 million hands in total.

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