In one of our earlier reports we answered the question as to when is the best time/day to play poker.
Picking up from there in todays sample we are comparing the number of distinct players across the stakes.

We use the same sample as earlier meaning we observed the PokerStars lobby for a period of 3 months and gathered details about the number of player online at each point in time (times are recorded in GMT+1).
We will showcase our results for NL100, NL200 and NL1000:
Our results show that there's e.g. on average 303 player online at 1PM playing NL100, while at the same time it's 202 players playing NL200, and only 32 player playing NL1000.

Independant of the stake the peak times are from 9PM - 11PM.
The dips are from 6AM - 8AM.

The ratio between stakes

Comparing the stakes to each other there's a couple of things you can notice:

  • The ratio of NL100:NL200 is pending around a factor of 1.55 most of the time.
    However, during peak times (6PM-11PM) the ratio gets as high as 1.72, and during the dips it falls down to 1.41.

  • The ratio of NL100:NL1000 is somewhat split.
    The first half of the days 12AM-10AM it's sitting around 8. The other half (11AM-12AM) it's climbing as high as 9.71 and settling around 9.

  • The ratio of NL200:NL1000 shows a peak of 6.29 between 11AM and 2PM.
    A period of 4-6 hours after and before the peak it's pending around 5.5 (a decline of ~10%).

    The ratios we have looked at so far have 1 dip only. The ratio of NL200:NL1000 has 2 dips (3AM and 9PM).
The main takeaway from the comparison of the ratios is that they're not flat - as one might expect.
The increase and decrease of players throughout a day is not equal across the stakes.

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