Typically, the winner of each hand of poker is the player that holds the highest ranked hand when all cards are shown at the end of the hand –known as the 'showdown' – or the player that makes the last uncalled bet, thus winning without needing to reach a showdown.
That's what you can typically find when reading the rules of Poker.
[...]Highest ranked hand at showdown or last uncalled bet[...]
But what percentage of hands get to the showdown?
What percentage of hands end with an uncalled bet?
And are there any differences between stakes?

Percentage of Showdowns: NL10

Here's our report comparing NL10 (Blinds $0.05/$0.10) and NL1000 (Blinds $5/$10).
Samplesize NL10
2 Player49,667
3 Player124,016
4 Player395,642
5 Player1,133,961
6 Player1,612,793
We looked at 3.3 million hands of NL10 6-max and counted at what point in game the hand end.

No Flop

75% of the heads-up games do not see a flop at all.
With each additional player the chances of not seeing the flop drop by ~8%.
With 6 player there's still a 45% chance of no flop.


The percentage of hands that see a flop are simply the inverse of the above.


16% of the heads-up games see a Turn, and with each additional player the chances rising.
37% of the 6-player games see a Turn.


11% of the heads-up games see a River. Each additional player add these chances by ~4%.


Only 7% of the hands go to the Showdown. Each additional player add these chances by ~2-3%.
A 6 player game has a chance of 18% to see a showdown. That's almost every fifth hand.

Percentage of Showdowns: NL1000

Samplesize NL1000
We looked at 3.1 million hands of NL1000 6-max and counted at what point in game the hand end.

It doesn't seem to matter if it's heads-up or 3-4 player. 53% of the hands for 2-4 player games do not see a flop.
46% of the 6 player games do not see a flop.
Similar things can be observed for the other streets. Unless it's 6-player the percentages are quite equal, which makes sense.
The stakes are higher and the players are better, hence an equilibrium forms. Any deviation from that might indicate a weakness or possible spot to abuse.

Comparing NL10 and NL1000

Putting the charts one by another makes it easier to spot the difference:
Interestingly, the absolute numbers in 6-player games seem to match one another quite good (purple bars).
Where it breaks apart is 2-5 player hands, with the greatest divergence at heads-up.
This most likely indicates a lack of skill at NL10 to adapt to the fewer amount of player.


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